Whistle-Blowing Policy

Date of Board Resolution: 23 February 2017

1. Policy
The Tadmax Group mandates all its Group of Companies and businesses to adhere with the general law, applicable rules and regulations and maintain highest standards of conduct of businesses.
Tadmax Group encourages all employees to report genuine matters of serious concerns expeditiously in the interest of the Group pertaining to the Group’s operations that comes to his/her attention to enable the Group to institute the appropriate course of action in a timely manner.
2. What to Report ?
Below are examples of matters (which is not exhaustive) that should be reported expeditiously:-
i. Fraudulent or illegal or unethical activities ;
ii. Financial irregularity;
iii. Racial or sexual harassment;
iv. Non-compliance to any legal or regulatory obligation;
v. Giving or receiving of brides, other illicit payments or inducements;
vi. Any dangers that effects oneself or others whomsoever
3. Who to Notify and How ?
You should first raise your concerns with your immediate superior or another senior manager within your business department provided your concerns does not involves your immediate superior and/or senior manager. If your concerns do involve your immediate superior or another senior manager within your business department or you believe that you are not able to raise your concerns with the normal reporting lines, you should immediately report the matter to the Nominated Person. For ease of reporting, you may use the attached Whistleblowing Information Form in Appendix A.
The Nominated Person is :-
Tan Sri Datuk Dr Abdul Samad bin Haji Alias
Chairman of the Board
Contact details are :-
Tel : 012-2674475
Email : samad@pidm.gov.my
In the event you have raised your concern with your immediate superior or another senior
manager within your business department and you feel that the matter has not been actions on
and/or handled in the appropriate manner and/or no explanations were offered to you, you
should also report the matter to the above Nominated Person.
IN the event you are not able to communicate with the Nominated Person, kindly refer the matter
to the 2nd Nominated Person as below :-

Mr Derek John Fernandez
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Contact details are :-
Tel : 03-7954 0866/67
Email : fsfernandezselvarajah@gmail.com
You may report you concerns on an anonymous basis, if you so desire.
4. Investigation
To facilitate objective investigation, report of concerns are to be in writing and with supporting
documents, if any. In any event, oral reporting is acceptable.

Matters raised will be thoroughly and systematically investigated before elevating the matter to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors of Tadmax. Appropriate feedback will also be given to the reporting employee at the right time, if his/her identify is known.
5. Protection to Whistle Blower
The Group’s policy is to protect and support whistle blower who reports genuine (non-malicious) matters of concern. In the event, the reported matters of serious concerns results in legal or criminal proceedings, it is likely that disclosure of the identity of the reporting employee may be unavoidable. Further, if you believe that arising from your reporting, you have been unfairly treated, you should report this immediately to the 2nd Nominated Person.
6. Legitimacy of Complaints
Complainants making a whistleblowing report should act in good faith. False or malicious allegation may be subject to appropriate actions, including disciplinary and legal actions and reporting of the matter to the law enforcement agencies.
This Policy does not affect the rights or obligations of any employee to report a criminal matter or other matter requiring disclosure to an external party as may be required by law.
Particulars Of Person Submitting This Information (Optional)
Company Name:
Phone Contact:
Particulars Of Person Involved/Suspected to be Involved in Improper Conduct.
Email/Phone Contact:
Role in the Improper Conduct:
Details of the Improper Conduct:
1. Nature of the Improper Conduct (Describe the irregularity/improper incident or activity)
2. Who else was involved and how was/were the person(s) involved?
3. When and where did this occur?
4. How did you learn about the Improper Conduct?
5. Have you or anyone made a report about this Improper Conduct? Please provide detail of the report made and the response.
6. Is there any other witness to this Improper Conduct?
7. Do you have any supporting information or evidence to assist us in our investigation?
I declare that all information provided in this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I hereby agree that the information provided herein to be used and processed for investigation purpose and further agree that the information provided herein may be forwarded to another department/ authority/ enforcement agency for purpose of investigation.