Corporate Code of Conduct

  1. Objective

The Board wishes to define its principles of Code of Conduct to:

  1. provide guidance to stakeholders on the ethical behaviors to be expected from the Group; and
  2. communicate, measure and monitor its values and performance designed to achieve objectives and to instill values.


  1. The Principles of Our Code of Conduct

We are responsible to:

  1. our Customers, by constantly striving to improve our competitiveness in order to serve our customers better.
  2. our Suppliers or vendors, by allowing them to make a fair profit from us.
  • our Employees, by creating safe, healthy and secured working environments, acknowledging their dignity and recognizing their merit and providing fair remuneration and career for those who qualified and perform.
  1. our Communities, by embracing social equity and diversity, complying with regulatory requirements and supporting good causes and charities.
  2. our Environment, by preserving and protecting the environment and natural resources to ensure sustainability.
  3. our Shareholders, by creating wealth and rewarding them with fair return.


  1. Board’s Responsibility

The Board should periodically review the Code of Conduct and to ensure implementation of appropriate communication channel to receive feedback and other appropriate internal systems to support, promote and strengthen the awareness and to ensure compliance of this Code by its executives when making their business and operation decisions.

  1. Management’s Responsibility

 Management should ensure this Code is readily available to all staff members and communicate the Code with staff members periodically to reinforce its importance and relevance.

In making operational and business decisions, the Management is responsible to the Board to observe the principles of this Code.  Management shall ensure their action consistent with the spirit of this Code and promote good culture of ethics through their internal and external interaction with all stakeholders of the Group.


  1. Documentation

Copy of the approved Code of Conduct shall be included in Employee Handbook.  All employees are required to read and familiarize themselves with the code and acknowledge their understanding and compliance with the Code annually during their employment with the Group.


  1. Corporate Disclosure Requirement

Copy of the approved Code of Conduct shall be published in the corporate website.